So I'm tinkering with an idea...
I trust you and so I would love your feedback. Spare a couple minutes for me?
Let's Get This Poppin'
I want to create opportunities where people can spend a month traveling somewhere in the world with me (and potentially up to 5 other people) to create a startup and/or location independent income stream for themselves. The details are below. What do you think?

During the trip I will:
- Provide all the coaching people need to start or scale a location independent business
- Show them how to travel the globe and work at the same time
- Make it easy for them to prep for a trip like this (all they have to worry about is the flight and the ability to pay for food/entertainment while they are here)
- Create networking opportunities with likeminded people
- Show them inspiring sights wherever we go
Roughly how much do you think a month-long program like this should cost?

This includes lodging in a private bedroom in the house where we go, as well as coaching that gets their business underway in 30 days. (Doesn't include food, entertainment, or any fees for actually building their product.)
Where do you think people will get the most value? *

Should this company specialize in and/or cater to opportunities for female identified people?

Let's say you're interested in doing something like this. What do you want to feel when you experience this brand? *

What should the aesthetic be? *

Do you like any of these names? *

What's most important in a name? *

Any other comments or insights?

Or maybe you know someone I should reach out to? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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